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cinematus's Journal

22 August
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I just recently graduated from University as an aerospace engineer and I'm currently searching for a job. Not really that much fun in times of an economic crisis.
In my free time I like to play around with photo editing software and create banners, posters and wallpaper. Most of my work is focused on NCIS or the actors/actresses of the show.

I love to watch a good movie, either in cinema or on DVD. I'm some kind of Tony DiNozzo when it comes to movies.
I love to travel and experience different cultures and meet new people on the road. My most memorable trips where around Australia for 9 months, diving at the Ningaloo and Great Barrier Reef was just mind blowing, and my 5 week trip around the west-coast of the USA at the National Parks, like Yosemite Zion and the Grand Canyon.